Daniele Bigoni – News

New web-site (22 May 2015)

After migrating from one university to another, and being aware that this won't be my last move, I finally resolved to buy my own hosting solution. From now on my personal web-page will be reachable at http://www.limitcycle.it/dabi/.

All repositories transferred to LaunchPad (01 Dec 2014)

All the repositories of my software have been transferred to my LaunchPad account.

This allows fast tracking of issues and also to keep private and public branches below the same project.

TensorToolbox is on-line! (10 May 2014)

After polishing it and adding the last functionalities, I decided that the package was ready for publication.

You can find it on the PyPi repository.

It includes:

  • Tensor-train decomposition (TT-SVD, TT-rounding)

  • Tensor-train cross (construction from black-box)

  • Tensor-train linear algebra

  • Iterative solvers for linear systems in TT format (Steepest descent, CG and GMRES)

  • Quantics TT format

  • Cached function wrapper for parametric scalar tensor fields.

  • Spectral tensor-train construction

  • Construction of surrogates of scalars and scalar fields under uncertainty

As usual, bugs are always around the corner. So don't forget to drop me an e-mail if you find one